Mobile Device Administration for Secure and Manageable Health Data Collection in Under-Resourced Areas

D. Duggan, J. A. Muh, L. Ndongo, J. Yao, L. Yu
Healthcare delivery in under-resourced areas is critical to the future economic health of these countries, and healthcare data collection is an essential part of managing this delivery. The Medea system has been developed to support data collection on mobile devices, while addressing issues of manageability and security in healthcare data collection and delivery. The Medea approach is based on a compiler (Aeetes) that generates new data collection apps from declarative specifications, a security architecture to protect the confidentiality of patient data in case of device compromise, and a supporting app infrastructure that supports deployment in settings without local server support. Manageability is achieved by centralizing the management of the infrastructure, using remote management of mobile devices to provide IT support to deployments in relatively isolated and under-served locations.