Bringing the Cloud to Rural and Remote Areas via Cloudlets

Sven Helmer, Claus Pahl, Julian Sanin, Lorenzo Miori, Stefan Brocanelli, Filippo Cardano, Daniele Gadler, Daniel Morandini, Alessandro Piccoli, Saifur Salam, Alam Mahabub Shahrear, Angelo Ventura, Pekka Abrahamsson, Tosin Daniel Oyetoyan
Instead of relying on huge and expensive data centers for rolling out cloud-based services to rural and remote areas, we propose a hardware platform based on small single-board computers. The role of these micro-data centers is twofold. On the one hand, they act as intermediaries between cloud services and clients, improving availability in the case of network or power outages. On the other hand, they run community-based services on local infrastructure. We illustrate how to build such a system without incurring high costs, high power consumption, or single points of failure. Additionally, we opt for a system that is extendable and scalable as well as easy to deploy, relying on an open design.