Housing4All, Helping the Housing Process in Silicon Valley

Jack Cooper, Christian Hunter, Rushil Mehra, Rishabh Meswani, Pranad Reddy, Daniel Lewis, Silvia Figueira
Homelessness is a large problem in the United States. One of the best solutions for this large population of unsheltered individuals lies in affordable housing, as it allows for individuals to gain substantial footing on a life free from poverty in a safe environment. However, affordable housing complexes are not only very scarce, but also the organizations that own them do not communicate frequently. Because of this, application windows are scattered and the housing applications are extremely fragmented, with each application containing different questions. Our team has designed a mobile solution in collaboration with Catholic Charities to simplify the process of finding and applying to affordable housing in Santa Clara County. The Android application allows users to find affordable housing and apply to any number of housing complexes with one unified application that merges questions from individual applications. However, to be truly effective in streamlining the affordable housing application process, a coalition must be established between all affordable housing organizations in the Santa Clara County Continuum of Care. By doing so, the application can expand to informing tenants of available applicants and more effectively informing users of when housing units are available.