Polygot: Going beyond database driven and syntax-based translation

Md. Adnanul Islam, Dr. A. B. M. Alim Al Islam
A study of improving the efficiency and performance of language translation process by a translator. The goal of this research topic is to develop efficient translation system for any language by improving the previous researches on language translation and related topics. Although, a number of researches are done in different areas such as Bangla keyboard layout design, English to Bangla translator etc., very few researches are done to translate Bangla text to English. To develop an efficient translation system is very important. However, it is really expensive as it requires a huge amount of time and resources. In all languages there are many words that may have multiple meanings and also some sentence may have multiple grammar structures to express the same meaning. Therefore, it is a great challenge to do the right semantic analysis. However it is very important to have a translation system which can compute various possible outputs in reasonable time and space.