Digital Library Appropriation in the context of Sub-Saharan Countries: the Case of eGranary Digital Library Implementation

Nicola Gafinowitz
Users of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the developing world encounter these technologies within their own situated, dynamic contexts. Their interactions with the technology are explicitly or implicitly affected by their political, cultural, infrastructural and socio-economic environment. In this poster, I present findings from ongoing sets of interviews with eGranary intermediary donors and agents, operating in seven sub- Saharan countries. eGranary is an offline digital library designed for environments with irregular or no internet connectivity. However little is known of the ICT's impact on communities, users’ knowledge practices, or its wider effects, e.g. on pedagogy. Prior to establishing communications with end users, this study takes a preparatory step of consulting with mediators in the field. These interviewees are familiar with eGranary’s technology and their users’ contexts, expectations and needs. The ultimate aim is to incorporate user opinions into eGranary re-designs. Findings from this research will contribute to better informing the structure, content and tone of planned future communications and questionnaires.