Design Methods to Reduce Technology Fear and Solicit Feedback from Lady Health Workers (LHWs) in Pakistan

Amna Batool, Muhammad Umair Anwar, Ayesha Asghar, Tayeba Tariq, Muhammad Mohsin Badar, Iqra Shahzad, Mustafa Naseem
This paper describes initial user research to understand key work-related problems that Lady Health Workers (LHWs) face in their day-to-day duties, identification of technology-based solutions to their ICT addressable problems, and to identify strategies to make them comfortable with the use of technology in their work. We conducted 3 rounds of interviews with 10 LHWS and 2 supervisors. Our main results show that existing LHWs in Pakistan have a fear of technology, which stops them from using technical solutions. We also find out that this fear can be reduced by using colorful, user-friendly mock-ups based trainings before introducing the actual technology to them.