Prottasha: An Attempt to Help the Women Fighting Ovarian Cancer in Rural Areas of Bangladesh

Novia Nurain, Roksana Jahan, Subarna Chowdhury Soma, Moin Mostakim
The rise in the numb er of deaths in Bangladesh owing to different female genital cancer, specifically ovarian cancer, emphasizes the need of having effective measures to aware women, specially the rural women about the prevention of ovarian cancer. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a mobile phone based application called Prottasha to provide diversified services regarding ovarian cancer for rural women of Bangladesh. Prottasha will provide a potential prediction on the risk of having ovarian cancer based on different demographic characteristics such as age, marital status, and the presence of common symptoms, exploiting efficient and effective data mining techniques. We also propose a model for low cost portable ultrasound scanner, which allows the rural women to have frequent screening at their home.