Towards Making An Anonymous and One-Stop Online Reporting System for Third-World Countries

Tarik Reza Toha, Md. Moyeen Uddin, MD. Nayeem Reza, Md. Abdullah Al Maruf, Amit Chakraborty, A. B. M. Alim Al Islam
Under-reporting is one of the main causes of failure to solve the social problems in third world countries which obstructs the national development. To minimize under-reporting, an one-stop online reporting system is yet to be developed for general people of third world countries where people can report any types of problems in an anonymous manner. Therefore, in this paper, we propose a generic online reporting system where one can submit report anonymously, even without registration. We propagate the reports to the respective authorities such as law enforcement agencies, anti-corruption commission, city-corporation, policy makers, human rights commissions, etc., after reviewing process. We also publish the reports in our site without disclosing the registered reporters' identities to collect the public opinions about the reports.